267. Wait For Me!: a calming bedtime and naptime story for children

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Mike goes for a hike with Ian’s family. As everyone winds through the trees Mike worries about being left behind.

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Narrator: Male

Story Begins: 10:53

Wait For Me! Excerpt:

Mike knocked on Ian’s door as he waited excitedly with his dad for it to open.  Today Mike and Ian were going for a hike in the woods with Ian’s parents.  The door opened and Ian smiled at Mike and asked,  Are you ready?”

“You bet!” Mike said to Ian.

“I’ll see you later” Mike’s dad said smiling.  Ian’s parents let Mike’s dad know everything was ok before he turned to walk home.

The friends followed Ian’s mom and dad on a path to the edge of the woods.  “Ok here we go!” Ian’s mom said.  She weaved through the opening in the branches and gently held them out of the way.  After all four were through the forest entryway Mike stopped and looked around.  Unlike the sidewalk where he could see everything around him.  The woods were more secretive.  He turned to look for Ian’s mom, who was leading them, and she had disappeared!  Where could she be?  Suddenly, Ian’s mom appeared again.  Mike took a deep dragon breath in and out.  He hadn’t seen her because of a large tree.  Mike realized he would need to stay close to know where everyone was.  The group wandered a little further into the woods.  Mike looked down and walked slowly, careful not to trip over any tree roots.  When he looked up, Ian was further ahead. Mike hurried to catch up, he didn’t want to be left behind.  Everything was so mysterious here, Mike didn’t know how he would make it out of the forest if he lost his guides.

Today’s Meditation: Feel your body fill with warmth and love as you send your loving energy to the world.

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