273. Clean Dragon: a mindful kids’ story

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Our Dragon is a muddy mess! How will Dragon get clean?

Hello everyone!  We hope you enjoyed our new story this week. Now, welcome to Favorite Friday! Sometimes we like to listen to our favorites again. Please enjoy “Clean Dragon” and we’ll be back with a new story on Monday!

Narrator: Male

Story Begins: 11:02

Clean Dragon Excerpt:

Three fluffy, white clouds floated across the bright blue sky. Sunshine easily covered the forest floor since the trees were just beginning to open their leaves.  The sun warmed a large pile of mud next a little oak tree.  The mud slowly dried as sunshine baked the moisture out.  Then the mud pile shifted slightly.  The dragon was beginning to wake from its second nap of the day.  The dragon had wanted to wave goodbye to its friends Charlie and Terry truck when their engines began to rumble, so the dragon had taken a break from its first little nap.  After the trucks had left the muddy dragon snuggled back down and fell asleep, looking very much like a mud pile.  Now the dragon did feel quite rested but found it difficult to move.  The mud had formed a hard shell around the dragon’s body.  The dragon sighed.  It was definitely time for a bath.  Slowly the dragon stood up, and some dried mud flaked off.  It was a good thing that the dragon had a nice spot to clean up inside its cave.


The dragon headed back to its cozy cave. As the dragon walked it became easier to move.  The animals scurried away, unsure of what new animal was wandering in the forest.  Noticing their reactions, the dragon realized just how dirty it had gotten.

Today’s Meditation: Feel calm and relaxed as you send kind energy to your heart.

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