621: A Safe Sea: a kids’ meditation and story

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Shayla Shark finds a place where she feels she belongs with the help of her good friend Sean Shark.

Narrator: Female

Story Begins: 4:38

A Safe Sea Excerpt:

It was a hot day on Ahway Island. The sun was shining brightly, bringing all the sea creatures out to play. The water was a beautiful azure blue, just like the sky above it. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. In fact, the only visible bits of white dotting the sky were the feathers of the playful seagulls flying above the sparkling waters.


Today, Shayla Shark was swimming around the coral reef, not too far from her home, and not far from the Ahway Island shoreline. It was nice and warm near the shallow waters, so Shayla loved to swim around the reef. As she swam, Shayla was careful not to bump into the beautiful, living coral that was part of the reef.


Shayla was an elegant gray reef shark with a pointy triangular tail and wide mouth full of sharp teeth. To many, she  looked a little intimidating. But she was actually very friendly. Some of the creatures that lived around the coral reef knew how friendly she was, like Salvador Sea Lion, who would wave to her from the sand on the beach.

Today’s Meditation: Picture floating in the safe and comforting waters of a tranquil pool.

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