631: Cat Conundrum: a calming meditation and story for kids

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Kit Cat is happy in her new home with Marta, but she learns that sometimes she needs to listen to what Marta tells her.

Narrator: Male

Story Begins: 4:56

Cat Conundrum Excerpt:

Kit Cat was feeling very contented and grateful in her new home. Her new family member, Marta, had adopted Kit from the Ahway Island Animal Shelter just last week, and Kit had already made herself at home in Marta’s little apartment. Although Kit’s favorite place in the entire apartment was definitely the window seat in the living room’s big picture window, Kit had found many other wonderful places to play, hide, and nap in Marta’s compact apartment.


For example, Marta had a cushy rocking chair in one corner of her bedroom. That was a very fun place to sit, because when Kit jumped up onto the seat, the chair rocked a little. Marta also had a big stack of moving boxes piled up in another corner of the room. Kit liked to climb on top of the pile and sit up there to get a good view of the rest of the room. And Marta had a large wicker laundry hamper in another corner of her bedroom – that was excellent place for a nap, particularly if Kit didn’t want anyone to bother her for a while. It was sometimes a little hard to climb out of since the hamper was pretty deep, but Kit just sank her claws into the wicker and with a little effort, hauled herself out.

Today’s Meditation: Imagine you are a twinkling star, receiving and sending energy through the universe in today’s meditation.

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