633: Kind-Hearted Coyote: a relaxation and tale for kids

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Ruby June and Henry lose their ball while playing…but they get some unexpected help.

Narrator: Female

Story Begins: 5:13

Kind-Hearted Coyote Excerpt:

It was a bright sunny day on Ahway Island. Ruby June sat at the kitchen table and swung her legs. She looked out the window and watched the delightful bluebirds playing in the yard. From time to time, she whistled back when she heard them singing in the trees. Ruby June hoped that the birds could hear her, too.


She was still in her pajamas, but Ruby June was excited to start her day. Today, Ruby June was going to have a picnic with her mom and some family friends in the park. Ruby June’s mom, Ms. Guerdy, was in the kitchen making all the yummy food they were going to have. Ruby June was looking forward to the picnic. Her mom was making some of her favorite things, like potato salad. Ruby June had already asked her mom if she needed any help with the food preparation, but her mom had said she didn’t need any help right now. So, Ruby June just sat quietly at the table, thinking about the upcoming picnic.


The best part of the picnic was that Ruby June and her mom had invited Ruby June’s friend Henry Vasquez. Henry was Ruby June’s best friend, and she was very excited to see him today. Henry and Ruby June loved playing together. They played in each other’s yards every weekend, and they especially enjoyed playing soccer together. Ruby June hoped they could play soccer at the park today, too.

Today’s Meditation: Imagine floating on a cloud, and relax into the feeling of lightness.

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