679 Mowing Around: a soothing story and children’s meditation

Moira Mower is excited to help get the Ahway Island baseball field mowed…but she has to do things a little differently than usual.

Narrator: Male

Story Begins: 4:35

Mowing Around Excerpt:

Moira Mower yawned. The bright green riding lawn mower stretched out her wheels into the cozy concrete floor of the storage shed below her. Hopefully today would be a busy day for the Moira!

It was Moira’s job to keep the Ahway Island public spaces freshly mowed during the warmer seasons. She mowed the grass in the parks and playgrounds, the lawns in front of the library and other public buildings, and even the grass along some roadways. Moira enjoyed all of these tasks, but her favorite job of all was mowing the Ahway Island baseball field. She knew how much some people enjoyed playing baseball and she liked feeling that she was a part of making baseball fun for people. Plus, it was both easy and fun to mow such a huge, open swath of fresh, green grass. It gave her and her rider lots of opportunity to mow neat, straight lines. There were no rocks or bumps or other interruptions to the beautiful expanse of bright green. Moira and her driver could easily see where they had been and where they still needed to go.

Today’s Meditation: Imagine that you are a graceful willow tree in today’s meditation.

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