683. Peanut Butter Power: a story and guided relaxation for children

Katie and Tom have to clean up their school project, so Tom suggests they listen to his favorite podcast while they’re cleaning up!

Narrator: Female

Story Begins: 3:58

Today’s story is a very special “crossover” episode with our friends from the Who Smarted? podcast! We think many of our Ahway Islanders will enjoy this fun and educational show.

Peanut Butter Power Excerpt:

On a lazy Sunday afternoon on Ahway Island, Katie Bowski and her good friend Tom Davis worked carefully at the kitchen table in Katie’s home. They were finishing up their school project, a diorama of the Ahway Island library.  Katie was carefully creating the columns in front of the library with rolled paper, while Tom made dozens of miniature books to go on the tiny book shelves he had created.

As Katie crafted her final column, she thought about her favorite subject, science, and how understanding science is so important to understand how the world works: from how food is produced, to how living things thrive, to how the planet works, to how the whole universe fits together.

Upon finishing the project, the kids stepped back to reflect on their work, examining their replica of the library carefully.

“I really like how you made those columns” Tom complimented Katie.

Today’s Meditation: Imagine that you are a graceful willow tree in today’s meditation.

Creating the original bedtime stories and art for Be Calm on Ahway Island takes a lot of time and care.

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Special thanks to our friends at Who Smarted? podcast! You can listen to the Who Smarted? podcast episode titled, “Who thought to add Jelly to Peanut Butter sandwiches?” here!

Thanks for joining us for this special Ahway Island episode!