710. Oven Imagination: a guided meditation and story for kids

Oscar Oven has a feature that he’s never used, and imagines all sorts of dishes he can cook.

Narrator: Male

Story Begins: 4:19

Oven Imagination Excerpt:

The Parker family’s cozy kitchen was a warm and inviting space, with afternoon sunlight streaming through the blinds and casting soft shadows on the countertops. The walls were painted a cheerful yellow, and the cabinets were a warm cherry wood. Various items, including a fruit bowl, a stack of mail, and a few cooking utensils sat on the countertops. Billy was preparing to head outside to rollerblade. He donned his helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads, carefully making sure that everything was properly secured. Emily preferred to stay inside and draw. She grabbed a handful of colored pencils and settled in at the kitchen counter, leaning over her sketchbook with a look of intense concentration. Meanwhile, Mr. Parker sat at the counter with his laptop open, typing away as he answered some emails. The gentle hum of the refrigerator could be heard in the background. All in all, it was a peaceful and quiet afternoon.

Oscar Oven had been feeling a bit bored lately. He had been sitting in the Parker family kitchen for hours alone, while the family was away at work or school. Now, as he watched the family go about their afternoon activities, Oscar longed to have his burners and oven put to use to make something delicious for the family to enjoy.

Today’s Meditation: Enjoy the feeling of your body relaxing into the warm sand on a sunny beach.

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