Max and Mia help their grandparents with the garden. Mia hopes the beets will be ready to pick. What vegetables are ripe on this cheerful day?

Hello everyone!  We hope you enjoyed our new story “Giving Back” this week. Now, welcome to Favorite Friday! Sometimes we like to listen to our favorites again. Please enjoy “A Cheerful Day” and we’ll be back with a new story on Monday!
Final 3 Dragon Breaths: 8:11

Narrator: Female

A Cheerful Day Excerpt:

Everyone gathered in the kitchen for breakfast, and Mia asked, “Can we help you with the garden today?”  All the adults smiled.

“Of course, Mia.  We’ll have to go out and see what needs to be done today.”  Grandpa answered.

“I thought it would be time to pick the beets.”  Max said.

“It might be.”  Grandpa said, “They were looking pretty close yesterday. We’ll have to check and see if they’re peeking out of the soil yet. The garden tells us what is ready. We have to look to know what needs to be done.”

“It’s always a surprise.”  Mom said, “So finish your breakfast, and we’ll all go out and discover the garden’s surprises for today.”

Soon everyone was ready.  “Ok Max, you go with grandma to check the beets and zucchini, and Mia go with grandpa to check on the cucumbers and tomatoes.  We’ll water, weed, and bring new baskets if you need one.” Dad said.

“OK!” Max and Mia exclaimed, feeling excited to get started in the garden.  Max carried two baskets and followed his grandma to find the beets.

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