The construction crew is back for their second day of bridge building and they have another new friend to help them. Who is the newest member?

Final 3 Dragon Breaths: 7:15

Narrator: Male

Bridge Building Excerpt:

While the construction vehicles shared their support for Ronald the contractor joined them. “Good morning, everyone. Today, we’ll be getting a little more help. We can’t finish adding the bridge piles without it. When we get to the water, you’ll meet Barry the Barge. Connor, Barry will help you place the rest of the piles. Ellie, Barry will carry you, Danny and Dory over to the other side so that you can clear out an area for the foundation there. Dizzy you’ll be busy pouring the slabs for the road base. Ronald we’ll need you next time, I promise.”  Then with a smile the Contractor said. “OK! Let’s get started.”

Ronald watched as the crew departed, wishing he could help, but happy he would be there next time. As the crew approached the water, they saw a gigantic flat ship waiting for them. Barry the Barge smiled broadly when he saw the crew arriving.  “Hello everyone! Good to meet you.

Today’s Meditation: Feel your muscles relax as you check in with your body from head to toe.

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