Today’s Story (EP61): Colorful Chameleon: children’s story and guided relaxation

Caden, the colorful chameleon, is tired of blending in and wants to be different.  Friends show him he’s cool the way he is.

Today’s Meditation:

Imagine floating in a tranquil pool, safe and relaxed, as the water rocks you gently.

Narrator: Male
Kids Story Snippet:

Caden stepped away from the red flower. He put his foot on a green leaf and for a moment the red lizard did stand out against the green. Then Caden’s foot changed from red to green, and the color slowly rolled across his body. Soon, the little chameleon matched the leaf. He was blending in again.

Terrance could hear his friend was feeling sad and tried to cheer Caden up. The tree said, “I don’t know Caden, I think it’s pretty cool how you can change your colors to match different things. Can you match all the colors?”

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