Today’s Story

Owen is inspired and begins to write a story but gets stuck. Fortunately, it’s Dad to the rescue! He helps Owen learn the importance of taking a break to feel refreshed.

Narrator: Male
Dad to the Rescue Story Excerpt:

“How’s it going?” his dad said.
“I’m stuck. I can’t figure out how to start the story.”  Owen said, feeling frustrated.
“You’ve been working pretty hard at this, I think maybe you should take a break.”  Owen’s dad suggested.
“That’s OK, dad. I can do this. I don’t need a break.” Owen said.
“Owen, a break isn’t quitting, it is giving yourself the option to find new ideas by doing something completely different. I take breaks all the time when I am stuck. Then when I come back, I have a fresh new idea. What would you like to do for a break?” his dad asked.
“It looks pretty nice outside. Maybe I’ll play for a bit.” Owen said with a sigh. He still wanted to finish his story.

Today’s Meditation:

Relax in the grass as you imagine sunlight warming you from head to toe.

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