Meet Deena, a dancing deer, as she leaps across the meadow. She discovers fresh water to drink and flowers to nibble in her dance through the swaying grass.

The little deer carefully stepped out into the field, watching everything around her.  The green grasses gently rippled with the soft breeze, creating a path to follow.  As Deena began to follow the path, she saw delicate little purple flowers tucked in among the grasses.  They shyly smiled at her, and then disappeared into the grass again as she wandered by. The little deer smiled and walked out a little further into the meadow.  She saw daisies waving and smiling in the warm light, encouraging Deena to join them.  The little deer closed her eyes for a moment and enjoyed the warmth of the sun on her fur.  She sighed, opened her eyes and walked even further into the meadow. 

Today’s Meditation: Today, you will focus on relaxing your body a little bit at a time.  Starting with your feet, moving up to the top of your head, and ending with a focus on your entire body, you are sure to feel calm and relaxed.

Narrator: Female

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