Today’s Story (EP319): Girl Power! A short story and guided meditation for kids

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After Max teases her, Mia and her brother learn about women who have made a difference. Believing in girl power, Mia is ready to share what she learned with the world.

Today’s Meditation:

Today, notice loving energy flowing through your body, from your feet up to your head.

Narrator: Female
Today’s Children’s Story Excerpt:

Mia’s mom smiled and said, “You can join the girls and other women who have already spoken up. Malala Yousafzai, even though she is young, continually tells the world it is important that girls receive education. Margaret Thatcher became the Prime Minister of Great Britain and spoke up, encouraging people to accept responsibility for their lives. Both you and your brother can choose any job, if you learn the skills you need and pay attention to opportunities. You can also change your mind. Julia Child was a spy and then she had an opportunity to try cooking. She had the skills she needed and became a famous chef. Speaking up also helps share different ways of thinking. Temple Grandin has shown people the interesting things we discover when we look at the world through the unique views of different people, even animals. It is important to understand how we all impact each other.”

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