Scotty the sand scoop meets Dragon. As they are busy digging up fun, Dragon leaves some magic with the scoop. How will the kids respond?

Hello everyone!  We hope you enjoyed our new story “Best Friends” this week. Now, welcome to Favorite Friday! Sometimes we like to listen to our favorites again. Please enjoy “Digging Up Fun!” and we’ll be back with a new story on Monday!

Narrator: Male

Digging Up Fun! Excerpt:

The little sand scoop said, “Hi! Want to play?” as he waved his bucket. The gentle dragon smiled broadly and sat down next to Scotty’s seat.  A little unsure how the sand scoop worked, the dragon tried moving the levers.  With one lever the little sand scoop, extended his bucket and dipped it into the sand.  With the other lever the dragon lifted the bucket up and turned.  Then, as the dragon tipped the bucket, all the sand flowed back down.  The dragon smiled, and so did Scotty scoop.  They played and played.
Suddenly the dragon’s ears stood straight up, listening intently.  The little yellow scoop could hear giggling in the distance. Scotty felt excited! The children were coming! He was sure that the kids would love to meet the dragon.  Before he could say anything, the dragon quickly disappeared into the forest.  Oh well, the scoop thought, maybe the dragon would stay and play another time.

The children reached the sand box, and a little boy hopped onto Scotty’s seat.  He immediately started to move the levers, scooping and dumping the sand.  He turned the seat so that Scotty’s bucket dipped into the sand on one side and then turned to dump the sand on the other.  Back and forth Scotty swiveled. Then the boy stopped and asked the others, “Does the scoop look different today? I think it might have some magic in it.”

Today’s Meditation: Draw gentle shapes in the soothing sand as you prepare for today’s story.

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