The construction crew is tasked with making a strong foundation for a house. This project is a dump truck delight, and Danny the dump truck thoroughly enjoys it.

“What are we making today?!”  Danny asked Ellie.
“I don’t know, Danny.  I guess it’s a surprise.”  Then the little excavator spotted Dizzy the concrete mixer.  Dizzy drove over towards them, already spinning.  What could they be making?  Ellie looked for Ronald the Roller.  “Where’s Ronald?”  She asked.
“Oh, he’s getting a new seat for his driver.”  Dizzy said.
“Well. I guess that means we’re not making a road today.” Danny said.
Ellie smiled at the little dump truck.  “I think you’re right.”
Then the Contractor walked out in front of them. “OK crew.” He paused.  “We have another big job today.  We’re going to make a foundation for a house.  Ellie, you will be in charge of digging the dirt out for the foundation.  The house will have a basement, so it’s going to be a large hole.  Take your time.  We want to be safe.  Danny, I want you to haul away the dirt Ellie is digging.  And Dizzy, you will pour the concrete for the foundation.  Let’s make sure it stays nicely mixed.  Any questions?   Great! Let’s go!”

Today’s Meditation:

Today, enjoy the feeling of your body relaxing into the warm sand on a sunny beach.

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