Today’s Bedtime Story (EP294):  Forest Discovery: a bedtime story and relaxation for kids
Daisy Beagle catches a new scent on the breeze and follows it into the enchanted forest.  What forest discovery will the curious dog make?
Today’s Meditation:

Feel your muscles relax as you check in with your body from head to toe.

Forest Discovery Story Excerpt:

A cheerful melody danced into the house through the open window. Daisy smiled as the bird’s song gently woke her. The little beagle stretched. The bird’s song told her it was time to get up. Daisy sniffed the air to see if breakfast was ready. Sniff, sniff, it was! The little dog hurried over to her dish and barked a thank you for the delicious food. Daisy ate every last crumb of her breakfast and licked the bowl clean. A warm summer breeze blew into the house and tickled the little beagle’s nose. Sniff, sniff. What was that? Daisy needed a better sniff, so the little dog took a deep dragon breath in and out (deep breath) to catch as much of the scent as she could. It was a refreshing smell, a little bit sweet, but a distance away.

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