Today’s Story (EP57): A Happy Helper: a kid’s bedtime, nap time story with relaxation

Rogelio is a happy helper. When he notices his dad struggling with the housework he jumps up to help.  Together they have fun cleaning up the house!

Today’s Meditation:

We will guide you in a progressive relaxation from your head to your toes.

Here’s an excerpt from this week’s bedtime story:

Rogelio sat on the couch and sighed. He felt bored. Rogelio had asked his friends, Scott and Cathy, if they wanted to play today, but they were busy. Rogelio looked at the stack of books next to the bookcase. He had read them already. He felt like there was nothing to do. Rogelio sighed again, and slouched into the couch. His dad walked, quickly, through the family room, arms full of clothes. As he walked, he dropped a blue sock, and a red t-shirt. Then a pair of pants started to drop out of the pile. Rogelio’s dad stepped on it, pulling the pants the rest of the way out. He stumbled, and as he caught his balance, Rogelio’s dad dropped the rest of the clothes.

Rogelio, eyes wide with surprise, looked at his dad. His dad sighed, and began to pick up the clothes. Rogelio thought, “I think dad could use some help.” got off the couch, and began picking clothes up off the floor.

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