Today’s Story (EP247): The Museum Mission: a bedtime story and relaxation for kids

Allie, Owen and Andy visit a museum. Andy wants to see dinosaurs, Allie wants to see space and airplanes, Owen wants to see an exhibit on how the body works.  How will they decide what to see?
Today’s Meditation:

Feel calm and relaxed as you send kind energy to your heart.

Here is an excerpt from today’s short story for kids

Andy, Allie and Owen were getting ready for their trip to the museum. They went often and each had their own favorite area. Andy loved seeing the Brachiosaurus and the Tyrannosaurus rex at the dinosaur exhibit. Allie wanted to see airplanes and spaceships and Owen loved to explore how the human body worked.

From previous trips to the museum they knew they would have a better time if they prepared for their visit. Each of them had worn their most comfortable shoes because the museum was big and they would have to walk very far to see all the things they wanted. They had each packed a backpack with water and snacks. Andy knew he would get crabby if he got hungry. Allie knew sometimes they had to wait in long lines so she brought a small book to keep from getting bored.

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