Today’s Children’s Story (EP10): A New Path: a nap time story and relaxation for kids

Happy National Dog Day! Daisy the Beagle goes for a walk and heads out on a new path, making a new friend!!

Today’s Meditation:

We will guide you in a progressive relaxation from your head to your toes.

A New Path – Kids Story Excerpt:

Daisy was lying in a bright warm sunbeam when she heard a faint jingle.  She sat up.  Her ears were lifted.  She heard the jingle again.  Daisy jumped up onto all four paws and ran over to her person.  She began to dance around her person.  The little beagle howled with delight.   A walk! They were going on a walk.  Daisy was so excited her person had a hard time getting the green leash attached to her collar.  Finally, the leash clicked and Daisy stood still at the door, waiting for it to open.  As soon as the door moved, Daisy put her front paws on it and pushed it the rest of the way.  She bolted out the door, pulling her person behind her.  “Slow down, Daisy.”  Her person said.  The little beagle scrambled to turn the corner.  Daisy wanted to make sure they really were going for a walk and so the pulled her person further from the house.   

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