Dragon still doesn’t like loud storms, but the kids share some helpful ways to cope!

Final 3 Dragon Breaths: 7:39

Narrator: Male

Relaxing Rain Excerpt:

Dragon giggled as Allie chased and Julia and James scattered. They were busy playing tag at the park as more and more clouds filled the sky. Even though they played under the bright warm sun, the distant sky grew darker and darker. Dragon zigged and zagged to keep from being tagged, when a low rumble echoed in the distance. Dragon stopped, ears up and alert. Noticing the dark sky approach, Dragon quickly zipped into the tunnel slide and curled into a ball.

Concerned Allie, James, and Julia rushed over to the slide.

“Dragon? Are you OK?” Allie asked.

Dragon looked up at the kids, thinking maybe the thunder had passed. Then another rumble rippled across the sky. Dragon’s eyes opened wide and Dragon hugged tighter.

Today’s Meditation: Feel your muscles relax as you check in with your body from head to toe.

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