Today’s Original Kid’s Story Podcast Episode (EP248): Sanctuary Surprise! A calming bedtime story for children

In today’s bedtime story Dragon visits the animal sanctuary and meets Giselle.  What kind of animal is she?
Today’s Guided Meditation:

Today, you will focus on relaxing your body a little bit at a time.  Starting with your feet, moving up to the top of your head, and ending with a focus on your entire body, you are sure to feel calm and relaxed.

Here’s an excerpt from Sanctuary Surprise

The dragon followed the train tracks to the sanctuary and carefully landed next to a peaceful pool of water. Henrietta noticed right away and floated up to say “Hi!” The dragon smiled and gave her a big hug. Then the dragon turned its ears towards a trumpeting sound. Wondering what it was, the dragon turned to see Oliver running their way.

“It’s so good to see you again!” The elephant said.

“We have a new friend for you to meet.” Henrietta added, slowly climbing out of the water. The dragon clapped its paws together with excitement.

“Yes, we do! Follow me!” The elephant said.

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