Today’s Story (EP244): Sea Turtle Trip: a calming bedtime and nap time story

Tanya the sea turtle, sees the sunset, coral reef and enjoys her trip through the ocean.  What else will she see?

Today’s Meditation: Happiness and love flow through you in this meditation.

Narrator: Female
An excerpt from today’s story

Tanya the Sea Turtle was swimming in the dark, green ocean. Her front flippers stroked through the water in a soft, relaxed motion. The water felt safe and calming around her. She was no longer a baby but not quite an adult. Many of the things she saw as she swam, were new to her. It was very exciting to meet different animals every day. Sometimes the wildlife she saw would stop and say hello. Most of the time the fish, crab and shrimp were busy going about their own lives and didn’t have time to talk. That was OK, Tanya would smile, say “hello” and go on her way.

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