Today’s Story (EP239): Silly Squirrels: a story and guided meditation for kids

Re-Release for #WorldFoodDay!

Nutsy and Peanut Squirrel are silly squirrels looking for breakfast.  They come across Chelsea Chipmunk who is worried she can’t find her stash.  Will the silly squirrels find a way to help?

Today’s Meditation:

Today, notice loving energy flowing through your body, from your feet up to your head.

Today’s Children’s Story Excerpt:

The Silly Squirrels scampered down from their nest, which was high in a big oak tree. They looked around to make sure there was no danger nearby. Peanut looked right while Nutsy looked left. Once they decided it was clear they ran to another tree down the street. At the bottom of the tree they had hidden nuts so they would have them to eat during the winter. 

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