Hazen Hawk is soaring in the sky and watching what is happening below.  What will he see on the ground below before his nap?

Final 3 Dragon Breaths: 6:47
Narrator: Male
Dragon’s New Toy Story Excerpt:

Hazen stretched out his wings and flapped them strongly downward, lifting him off the branch.  The little hawk was off to see what he could see.  He flew up as high as he could.  White fluff gently surrounded him, and then the little hawk was through the clouds.  Above, Hazen could see and feel the bright warm sun.  He looked around at the brilliantly blue sky, and then turned his gaze downward.  Hazen saw the blanket of clouds stretch across the sky, though now there were some open spots where he could see the tiniest patch of earth.  He wondered if the Great Oak was in that sliver of sunlight.  Now warmed by the sun, Hazen decided he would fly a little lower so that he could see what was happening on the ground.

Today’s Meditation: Relax in the grass as you imagine sunlight warming you from head to toe.

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