Today we are sharing a special episode, a playlist of 10 podcasts from KidsListen to help you travel the roads with fun and laughter. Some are very energetic. Be calm on Ahway Island’s short podcast sample is at 27:45 if you would like to skip right to the relaxing.

“Hello Ahway Islanders! Are you traveling for your holiday? Today we are sharing the Kids Listen Memorial Day Weekend Mixtape. Be Calm on Ahway Island has teamed up with a bunch of other kids podcasts to bring you an hour of high-quality kids audio to listen to as you roam the roads. All the shows samples are part of the grassroots kids audio advocacy group Kids Listen, and all the shows, are available on the Kids Listen app. You’ll hear 5 minute versions of 10 different podcasts. Here they are in playlist order.

1. What if World
2. Story Spectacular
3. Noodle Loaf
4. Book Power for Kids
5. Little Stories for Tiny People
6. Be Calm on Ahway Island
7. Cool Facts About Animals
8. Circle Round
9. Good Words
10. Girl Tales

Enjoy our contribution of a short progressive relaxation. Friday we will share a classic episode, and Monday a brand new story.

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Thank you! If you’re looking for something more relaxing try “Toadily Fun.”