There are some terrific toys stuck in the bottom of the toy box. Will Alyssa the doll and Uli the unicorn be able to help them out?

Final 3 Dragon Breaths: 5:59

Narrator: Male

Terrific Toys Story Excerpt:

“Oh dear.” Alyssa said. “You’ve been stuck down here a while, haven’t you?”

Uli asked, “Would you like to be moved where the kids can find you?”

The toys responded, “We’d love that. Do you think the kids will play with us again?”

“Of course!” Alyssa encouraged. “They just need to see you.”

Uli added. “They’ll be excited to see you again. It will be like you’re a brand new toy! Sometimes, the kids forget to put us where we belong, and that’s how we get lost.”

The kind doll shared their plan. “Blocks we just need to get you back into the block container. Cars, same thing, if you’re with the other cars the kids will play with you.”

The unicorn continued, “Books, you belong on the bookshelf. Puzzle pieces, we have to get you back to the puzzle before the kids discover you’re missing. They might stop playing with the puzzle if we don’t. And stuffed animals, you need to be with the other stuffed animals.”

The toys perked up, feeling confident in the plan, and moved to one side of the toy box. Now Uli and Alyssa had space to organize they got right to work.

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