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BenDan And July Bennett  recommends Be Calm on Ahway Island.

my 4 and 3 year old boys listen to this each night. they are usually asleep before the story even starts thanks to the breathing exercises! we even do dragon breaths as needed through the day. we love ahway island!!!

Jpf Frazier recommends Be Calm on Ahway Island.

Rachel W recommends Be Calm on Ahway Island.

After trying many things, we discovered this podcast which is one of the only things that can get my 8 year old with special needs to sleep at night.

Eve-Marie Josse recommends Be Calm on Ahway Island.

My 6yo listens to your podcasts every night before going to sleep. We’ve been listening to your relaxation and stories for a few months now. It’s helped him calm down and unwind, and it’s been awesome. Thank you!!

Lindsay Anne reviewed Be Calm on Ahway Island — 5 star

My youngest daughter really struggles with sleep and your podcast has completely transformed bedtime in our home. Not only do we love the stories and dragon breaths, when her favourite episode was no longer available and I reached out, it was restored before bedtime the following day. You folks are awesome.

Randy Dodds reviewed Be Calm on Ahway Island — 5 star

Annie Livengood Wahls recommends Be Calm on Ahway Island.

My 6 year old listens to this every night and has for the last year or so. It helps him calm down and fall asleep every night. I highly recommend this as a calming nighttime routine!

Jaimie Gauntlett reviewed Be Calm on Ahway Island — 5 star

My daughter loves cozy corner. She listens every night and we practice dragon breaths at many points throughout the day. Great find on Google play music.

James Wooster reviewed Be Calm on Ahway Island — 4 star

Our daughter always seemed to have trouble falling asleep. So our doctor recommended we try some guided relaxation with her before bed. While looking for resources, we stumbled upon Cozy Corner. Other bed time story podcasts simply tell a story, and while she enjoyed listening, they would sometimes leave her “wound up.” Cozy Corner helped teach her deep breathing and relaxation exercises that help her calm down. We play it nearly every night as part of our bed time routine. It has helped tremendously. We’ve also used “dragon breaths” and some of the exercises when she’s having a difficult time with some of her emotions.

Erika Muller Nair reviewed Be Calm on Ahway Island — 5 star

Love it! We listen to the new podcasts once a week. It’s a great way to help everyone unwind (including parents).

Rock Magleby-Lambert reviewed Be Calm on Ahway Island — 5 star

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