Today’s task for the construction crew is to build a train tunnel, but there are trees in the area. How will they get their job done while taking care of the trees?

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Final 3 Dragon Breaths: 6:24

Narrator: Female

The Train Tunnel Excerpt:

Then the Contractor walked out to the construction crew.  “OK everyone.” He paused.  “We have an important job today.  We’re responsible for making a tunnel for the new train.  It’s going to go under the forest.  While we work, we need to take care and watch for the forest animals, it’s their home.  Ellie, you will be in charge of digging a trench. Take your time.  We want to be safe.  Danny, I want you to haul away the dirt Ellie is digging.  Then you’ll bring gravel back to the trench. Ellie will help spread the gravel out.  Ronald and Dizzy we’ll call you when we’re ready for you. Ronald, we’ll need your help, packing the gravel in nice and tight for a solid foundation.  And Dizzy, you will pour the concrete when the forms are ready.  Let’s make sure it stays nicely mixed.  You can both wait here until we’re ready. This project may take a few days so we need to be patient.  Any questions?   This is going to be a fantastic tunnel! OK! Let’s go!”

With that, the team drove out to their site and got right to work.  Ellie noticed that the trees lined both sides of the area, and knew she would need to be careful of their roots.  Ellie looked at the posts telling her where she should dig and then up at the trees.  It seemed like the posts were a safe distance from the trees. Still, Ellie wanted to be careful. The little excavator knew some of those oaks were over 100 years old, and she wanted to protect them.

Today’s Meditation: Relax in the grass as you imagine sunlight warming you from head to toe.

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