Anna watches the twinkling sky thinking she is star gazing. Anna watches with curiosity as some of the lights flash and move around. What are they?

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Final 3 Dragon Breaths: 7:12

Narrator: Female

The Twinkling Sky Excerpt:

Anna lied on her back in the grass watching the sky.  As the night fell, the moon glowed and the stars twinkled their hello.  The little girl took a deep dragon breath in and out (deep breath), full of wonder at the beauty unfolding in the sky above her.  Then she saw it.  A blinking yellow light hovered in the sky above her.  Anna wondered what it was.  She watched as the blinking yellow light whirled around, dancing on the breeze, and then up into the branches of the willow tree.  Anna hoped that the light would come back.

After a moment of watching the willow’s branches gently sway, back and forth, back and forth, Anna looked back up at the moon.  It was a perfect circle tonight, and bright white.  Then it happened again.  A yellow blinking light hovered above her.  Wait, there were two, no three.  More and more blinking yellow lights filled the sky, circling each other and dancing.  Now Anna sat up.  What were they?  She waved her hand in the air and the lights gracefully moved away.

Anna stood up.  Little yellow lights blinked around her.  She decided to catch one.  Maybe then she would find out what it was.  Anna gently moved her hands, and scooped a light out of the air, quickly covering it with her other hand.  Slowly she opened her hands to peek inside.  There was a little black and red bug with black wings resting on Anna’s palm.  It looked up at her inquisitively.  Anna had never seen anything like it.  She closed her hands and ran to her parents.

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