Today’s Story (EP301): Time Travels: an original short story for kids

Clever kids turn Chance the Cardboard box into a time machine and visit some dinosaurs.  Will their time travels bring them back in time for lunch?

Today’s Meditation:

Imagine floating on a cloud, and relax into the feeling of lightness.

Here’s an excerpt from this children’s story:

A sunbeam slipped through the living room curtains warming the kitten in the cardboard box. The little kitty purred and rolled onto his back. Chance the cardboard box enjoyed the peaceful, serene moment. The sound of giggling drifted down the hall. Chance smiled, knowing that it was about time for another adventure. The little kitty perked up his ears and listened. He wasn’t going to give up his spot in the sun unless he had to. Sure enough, the kids skipped down the hall. As they saw Chance they asked, “Ready for today’s adventure?” That was enough for the fluffy kitten. It was time to find another spot to nap. The two kids hopped into the cardboard box just missing the little kitty.

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