Billy and Emily have a toadily fun time searching the woods for a mysterious sound, using their eyes and ears to discover the source. What will they find?

Final 3 Dragon Breaths: 8:25
Narrator: Male
Toadily Fun Story Excerpt:

Billy put a finger to his mouth, to let Emily know they needed to be quiet.  He could hear the trilling sound again.  “Do you hear that?”  Emily nodded. “That’s what we’re looking for.”  So Emily and Billy, walked quietly and carefully towards the sound.  Tiptoeing up to the forest, the sound grew louder and louder.   Soon, as trees surrounded Billy and Emily, the trilling stopped.  They looked around.  Plants with large heart shaped leaves covered the ground.  Billy and Emily looked at each other, puzzled.  They moved away from the trees and the trilled song began again.  Billy and Emily each stepped towards a tree.  The trilling continued.

Today’s Meditation: Imagine floating on a cloud, and relax into the feeling of lightness.

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