Today’s Bedtime Story (EP296): Toy Box Cinderella: a bedtime story and relaxation for kids

Toy Box Cinderella was inspired by Lauren Allison Mack. Lauren, thank you for calling us with your show idea!!

Alyssa the Doll feels a bit lonely when the others dolls leave her out of their fun.  Will anyone notice how special she is at the toy’s party?

Today’s Meditation:

Feel calm and relaxed as you send kind energy to your heart.

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Cinderella Bedtime Story Podcast Excerpt:

All the toys in the room are busy.  There will be a toy party tonight. There is food to prepare, furniture to set up, and decorations to display. The stuffed animals are helping the toy kitchen make snacks. The dolls are in charge of setting up the chairs and tables. The trucks and cars are zipping around delivering food to the toy kitchen, blocks to the dolls for furniture and decorations to the construction vehicles. 

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