James is sad that it’s too rainy to play at the park. But Julia has an idea for a super-fun indoor game.

Final 3 Dragon Breaths: 7:39

Narrator: Male

Train Game Excerpt:

It was a Sunday afternoon in deep summer, and James longed to be outside playing at the park. He pressed his nose up against the front window, looking out at the park across the street. If he looked carefully, he could see the playground in the distance.

But there was to be no playing in the park today. On Friday evening, there was a big thunderstorm. Mom’s phone buzzed several times that evening to warn people about the severe weather. James was scared about the buzzing at first, but Mom explained that he didn’t need to be afraid. It was actually good that the phone was buzzing, because that way, everyone could know that it wasn’t safe to go outside and play!

But, all day long on Saturday, it had rained, and rained, and rained. And now it was still raining! Even if it stopped raining right now, James knew he couldn’t go to the park today no matter what. Mom said the park would be too muddy and would need to dry out for a couple of days.

James sighed again, even louder. Then he “harrumphed” a little bit. This made his sister, Julia, who was sitting on the couch, look up.

“What’s wrong, James?”

“You know what’s wrong! It’s raining and we can’t go to the park!” James exclaimed. “I think it’s never going to stop raining and we won’t ever get to go to the park again because it’ll be all flooded forever!”

“That’s silly,” Julia said. “It’s going to stop sometime and then everything will dry up.”

James sniffled a little and rubbed his eyes. “But I really wanted to play with you at the park today.”

Julia got up off the couch, and walked over to James by the window. She gave him a hug.

“I know, I want to play there, too. But I have an idea for a game we can play inside. Do you want to play with me?”

Today’s Meditation: Feel your body fill with warmth and love as you send your loving energy to the world.

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