We currently release a new episode every Monday and a “Friday Favorite” episode every Friday at 3am Central time (US). Patreon members also get an extra episode every Wednesday.

You can search for recently released episodes on our Episodes page by keyword, episode title or number, character name, learning message, or narrator type. If you cannot find the episode you’re looking for, it’s probably been archived.  Our complete library of past episodes is available in our Patreon Archives. We also re-release select older episodes to the public every Friday. 

While we no longer offer a specific Be Calm on Ahway Island Alexa Skill due to changing Amazon requirements, it’s easier than ever to listen to our episodes using Alexa or an Amazon Echo device! Since summer 2020, podcasts have been included on Amazon Music. You can find Be Calm on Ahway Island on Amazon Music here.

Besides using Amazon Music directly, we recommend this tutorial for other Alexa-based podcast listening methods.

Tip: you may need to double-check the age filter / security settings on your individual Alexa device(s).

Yes, we do! To start off, please see our Activities page. You may also contact us with details as to how you intend to use our podcast in your classroom. We may be able to provide you with ideas, materials, and/or lessons plans. 

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Yes! Please visit sheepjam.com to see all the shows produced by Sheep Jam Productions.

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