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777. Spectacular Stage: a relaxation and tale for kids

Rogelio sets out to find the perfect place to perform his, Brianna's and Helen's play.


776. 5-4-3-2-1: a meditation and story for your bedtime routine

Sadie Seahorse counts down her 5 senses to help her relax when she's overwhelmed.


371. Careful! Ducks! a bedtime story on acceptance for kids

Bobby the bus uses his stop sign to say "Careful! Ducks!" to the passing cars. With his help the duck family makes their way to the pond safely.


775. A Storm and a Story: a calming nap time story with a positive message

After a frightening thunder storm, Dragon's friends come to visit and ask for a story.


774. Sunshine and Sniffs: a bedtime story and mindful story for kids

Jewel the dog goes for a different type of walk on a hot day.


370. Soothing Sea: a calming bedtime and nap time story for kids

Two little sharks, Shayla and Santiago play in the soothing sea, diving down to the ocean floor from the surface, and returning to the warmth of the sunlit...


773. Loving Locomotive: a kids’ mindful tale and relaxation

Alex the Toy Train Engine sees love all around his house.


772. The Cheerful Cardinal: a relaxing bedtime story for children

Carrie Cardinal notices that Owen isn't quite himself today, and decides to cheer him up.


369. Bouncing Dragon: a soothing meditation and bedtime story

Ready to explore the sky a bit more, Dragon flies up to the clouds. Soon a bouncing dragon giggles among the clouds, discovering their secrets.


771. Statue Statue: a meditation and bedtime story

Riley Raccoon is bored, so Rebel and Rob Raccoon introduce him to a new game!


769. Playful Performance: a meditation and kid’s tale

Clara Clarinet is about to perform in her first concert, but she has a bit of stage fright.


368: Robot Build: a relaxing meditation and kid’s story

Today's the day Billy and Emily work together on their robot build. Where will their cooperation take the toy?


768. Helpful Hike: a meditation and bedtime story for children

Hettie Hippo goes on a walk with Oliver Elephant and Janine Giraffe and learns a lesson about how friends can help one another.


767. Dozing Dragon: a calming meditation and kid’s story

Some forest animals come across Dragon having a snooze!


366. Wild Wheels: a calming meditation and children’s tale

Winfield the wheel chair watches as the kids play tag in a field. He wishes for some wild wheels so that Brian can join his friends. Will he get...


766. A Different Kind of Treasure: a soothing story and meditation for kids

Tanya Sea Turtle goes exploring and finds a sunken ship. Will she find any treasure?


765. The Gratitude Circle: a calming children’s story

Pete Pine invites his tree friends to start a new tradition!


364. Snowed In: a calming meditation and story

The cave is quiet and dark this morning. At the cave's entrance Dragon discovers why. Dragon is snowed in! How will Dragon get outside to play?


764. Silent Statue: a calming kids’ story

Betty Bunny is pretty curious when a new Bunny arrives at her house and it doesn't hop around.


763. Happy Hoops: a relaxing story and mindful relaxation

Britney plays basketball with her dad, but it proves harder than she thought.


363. Park Picnic: a relaxation and story for your naptime routine

What a beautiful morning! Ella is excited to meet her new friend Kumar for a park picnic, but first It's time for breakfast. What will they do today?


762. Wombat Whimsy: a meditation and story for kids

Wylie and Woodie the wombats have some nighttime fun, but an unexpected visitor shows up!


761. In a Fix: a relaxing bedtime story

Gabby Delivery Truck is on her way to bring Theresa a bouquet, but something unexpected happens!


362. Special Day: a story and guided meditation for kids

Blanka the plush bunny waits patiently to be discovered inside a colorfully wrapped present. How will everyone react to the thoughtful gift?


760. Maintenance Day: a bedtime story and relaxation for kids

Drevan Dump Truck isn't feeling quite his best, so Dory Dump Truck suggests he gets a check up.


759. Glue to the Rescue: a relaxing meditation and kid’s story

It's the day of the library diorama presentation, but Katie has an accident on the way to school. How will she solve her problem?


361. Snow Statues: a kids’ relaxation and calming tale

As The Sparkling Train completes its evening route the passengers notice snow statues all over the island. Where did they come from?


758. The Toy-Maker’s Assistant: a mindful story and meditation for kids

Uli Unicorn helps C.J. and their dad repair some worn-down toys.


757. Farewell Fiesta: a relaxing short story and meditation

When Nutsy Squirrel tells Peanut Squirrel that he is going to visit his grandmother, Peanut decides to throw him a party!


360. Connor’s Conundrum: a soothing kid’s story when you need a break

Connor the cleaner fish has a conundrum. Sean the shark has a toothache. Connor wonders whether to clean his mouth.


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