Be Calm on Ahway Island® Podcast features relaxing, original short stories for kids!  Each episode begins with a guided meditation and contains a positive message — perfect for bedtime, nap time, or any time it’s relax time!

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719. The Name Game: a kids’ relaxation and calming tale

The morning after his first sleepover, Henry and his Mami have a conversation about names.


339. Ronald’s Turn: an original short story for kids

The bridge project is almost done. Today is Ronald's turn to shine. The roller gets to put the finishing touches on the bridge!


717. Color Confusion: a bedtime story and mindful story for kids

George Turtle plays 'I spy' with Petunia Possum and Ballet Bunny on a hot day - but he picks something very difficult!


337. Dock Dog: a relaxation and story for your naptime routine

It's an incredible day! Darcy the dock dog gets her life jacket, ready for a boat ride.


714. Cloud Connection: a short story and meditation for kids

Rumina Rainbow meets Claude Cloud, and they find out that they have a lot in common.


336. Purchase Power: a calming bedtime story and meditation

After weeks of helping out Emily and Billy have filled up their saving jars. Do they have enough Purchase Power to buy the robot kit?


712. Stunning Sandcastle: a relaxing story and meditation

Kareena is determined to build a magnificent sandcastle while she's at the beach!


334. Clumsy Kitty: a calming meditation and story

Grubby is a clumsy kitty, but a sweet one. As he investigates everyone's activities, Grubby makes a bit of a mess. It's a relief to all when he settles...


710. Oven Imagination: a guided meditation and story for kids

Oscar Oven has a feature that he's never used, and imagines all sorts of dishes he can cook.


333. Bridge Building: a meditation and story for kids

The construction crew is back for their second day of bridge building and they have another new friend to help them. Who is the newest member?


708. Snapdragon Symphony: a short story for kids

Sawyer, Summer, and Sidney Snapdragon hear the beautiful music of the garden and decide they want to sing!


332. Laugh Out Loud: a calming meditation and story for kids

Hana the hyena is out for a walk when she gets a case of the giggles before long all the animals in the sanctuary join in to laugh out...


706. Nickname No More: a mindful bedtime story

Danny Dump Truck decides he wants to be called by his full name, Drevan.


330. A Thoughtful Gift: a story and relaxation for kids

James is so relieved to have his blanket back he wants to make a blanket for Dragon. All the kids love the idea and soon they are all busy...


704. Terrific Tour: a relaxing meditation and children’s story

Tom and Katie take a tour of the library, and Tom learns an appreciation for design.


329. Love is…: a relaxing short story and meditation

It's bedtime and Mia has a question for her mom. She wonders what love is and how she can share her love with others.


702. Fast Firefly: a children’s bedtime story and meditation

Phaedra Firefly is playing with her friends one evening when she has an unexpected encounter.


328. The New Project: a bedtime story and meditation for kids

The construction crew has a new project. They are excited to be building a bridge with their new teammate a confident crane.


700. Envelope Expedition: a children’s story and guided relaxation

Elodie Envelope takes an exciting journey through the Ahway Island postal system!


327. Terrific Toys: a meditation and calming bedtime story

There are some terrific toys buried in the toy box. Will Alyssa the doll and Uli the unicorn be able to help them out?


698. Sweet or Salty: an original short story for kids

Aaliyah Ant travels to bring some food back to her colony and learns a lesson about differences.


323. Curious Kitten: a calming bedtime and nap time story for kids

Zara, a curious kitten, is busy exploring and playing. As she plays the little kitty discovers a duckling all alone in the barn and helps her new friend.


695. Cool Construction: a calming short story for children

Dory Dump Truck tells her friends that she knows what's being built at the new construction site. How will Dory come to terms with telling them the truth?


321. Cuddly Dragon: an original short story for kids

Our cuddly dragon wakes up from a nap and brings the blanket back to thunderous applause at the end of a play.


693. Calm Colors: a guided meditation and kid’s story

Kaia Coloring Book helps her friend Callie Kim after a stressful day at school.


320. Show Time: a short story for kids

It's nearly show time for Rogelio, Helen and Brianna. So, Rogelio searches for a spot in the park to rehearse their original dragon play.


691. Memorable Music: a calming story and meditation

Lydia practices piano with Ruby June and discovers that not everyone learns the same way.


319. Girl Power: a children’s story and meditation

After Max teases her, Mia and her brother learn about women who have made a difference. Believing in girl power, Mia is ready to share what she learned with...


689. Trike Travails: a bedtime meditation and story

Trudy Tricycle is so excited for tomorrow that she can't calm her mind for sleep.


318. Adventures in Time: a bedtime story and meditation

Chance the cardboard box experiences adventures in time. This time the kids bring him back to the ice age. What will they discover this time?