Helping Others

Stories that feature characters helping each other.

378. Giving Back: a meditation and kid’s tale

Once he counts the money in his giving jar, Billy is ready for giving back to the community. He’s thinking of helping his library. Listen to find out how.

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371. Careful! Ducks! a bedtime story on acceptance for kids

Bobby the bus uses his stop sign to say “Careful! Ducks!” to the passing cars. With his help the duck family makes their way to the pond safely.

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772. The Cheerful Cardinal: a relaxing bedtime story for children

Carrie Cardinal notices that Owen isn’t quite himself today, and decides to cheer him up.

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573. Springtime Supplies: a mindful kids’ story

Harmony Helicopter helps make a special delivery as she and all of Ahway Island enjoy the coming of springtime.

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295. Mystery Jug: a calming story with a positive message

Terry and Charlie truck carefully drive at the edge of the forest.  Charlie gets hot and needs water. What will Terry Truck do to help his friend?

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