Listener Art Gallery

We are always delighted by the wonderful fan art created by our listeners!

Has your child drawn pictures of their favorite Ahway Island characters or episodes?

Would your kids like to draw or photograph their Listening Buddy?

If so, we’d love to share the results in our Art Gallery!

Please send us an image file (along with a parent’s or guardian’s permission to use the image) to Please note we do not post any photos that include real people.

Our Listening Buddies

Many of our listeners enjoy Be Calm on on Ahway Island episodes with a Listening Buddy by their side! Listening Buddies include favorite toys, stuffed/plush animals, pets, siblings/friends, etc.  Click on the gallery to see the entire image.

We hope you enjoy these artistic depictions of our listeners’ and our creative team’s Listening Buddies!

Listener Favorites

Some listeners have even commemorated their favorite episodes and scenes in artwork!

“The Magic of Colors — Refreshed!” — Artist: Henry (pen & pencil on paper)
"Merry Berry Picnic" — Artist: Freya (pencil and pen on paper)