Original children’s short stories for bedtime, nap time and any time it’s relax time!

Be Calm on Ahway Island features short stories for kids to listen to free!  Each relaxing story contains a guided meditation and a positive message.  You can find us on your favorite podcast app, Spotify, and iTunes or subscribe below to get an email when a new story is released!


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A Curious Cave: a bedtime story and guided meditation for kids

Daisy the beagle leads her friends to the curious cave in the forest, unaware that some kids are following.  Will Daisy and the other dogs be able to keep the dragon undiscovered?

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A Busy Reef: a kid’s short bedtime story and relaxation

Raina, the radiant and busy coral reef, enjoys watching all the colorful sea life play around her. Many friends visit the coral reef for the day. What will happen?

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Monster Masks: a kid’s bedtime, nap time story and relaxation

Our dragon hears a lot of commotion and peeks out of the forest. Lots of strange monsters and creatures are out wandering through the streets. Dragon feels a little frightened until the creatures begin to laugh and Dragon realizes it just the kids trick or treating.

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