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On Ahway Island®, children experience an inclusive world. Our mission is to help all kids accept, appreciate, and love all beautiful differences, in both themselves and others.

Our stories and meditations teach the importance of kindness, inclusion, acceptance, empathy, gratitude, curiosity, appreciation, emotional intelligence, and self-regulation. Our stories and characters are intended to model these values and to provide examples of solutions to everyday situations to help grow children’s confidence and positive behaviors. We incorporate teaching of self-soothing techniques to empower children to manage their own emotions.

Since 2017, Be Calm on Ahway Island®podcast has provided short and soothing episodes, each featuring a kid-friendly meditation followed by an original story with a positive message. Our short (15-25 minute) episodes are suitable for bedtime or naptime, and feature the gentle, everyday adventures of our many lovable and relatable characters, including a diverse group of curious kids, friendly animals, helpful vehicles, enthusiastic  toys and tools, and our beloved and mysterious Dragon! With well over 500 episodes, there’s something for everyone!


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Thank you Ahway Island: Everything about this podcast and group of people is nothing but amazing. This podcast has been apart of me and my 3 kiddos nightly routine for nearly a year . My 1 year old absolutely loves it. I know when it’s bedtime. She goes and puts on Ahway island on the iPad. I also Just purchased them t-shirts. Because I want to really see if the kids were really into it. And Yes ..BINGO. There sleeping in 15-20 minutes. Two words……LifeSaver. Thank to everyone who works with and … Read more


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