Healthy Minds

Stories that contain strategies and examples of characters maintaining and increasing their mental health.

689. Trike Travails: a bedtime meditation and story

Trudy Tricycle is so excited for tomorrow that she can’t calm her mind for sleep.

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679 Mowing Around: a soothing story and children’s meditation

Moira Mower is excited to help get the Ahway Island baseball field mowed…but she has to do things a little differently than usual.

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677. Lost and Found: a relaxation & calming story

Anora takes her stuffed toy bunny Blanka on a hike…and Blanka has an unexpected adventure!

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307. Super Fun: a short story and meditation for kids

Using their imagination Allie and Owen have a super fun time making a supersonic hearing device. What will they hear when they test it out?

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667. Caring Kitty: a calming bedtime and nap time story with a positive message

Ruby June takes a piano lesson with Miss Bonnie but learns she can’t learn how to play perfectly in just one day.

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297. Superhero Time: a relaxing short story and meditation

Owen has set up a super hero training course for his friend Allie. Will they make it all the way through before lunch?

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