Healthy Minds

Stories that contain strategies and examples of characters maintaining and increasing their mental health.

412. Train Game: a relaxation and tale for kids

James is sad that it’s too rainy to play at the park. But Julia has an idea for a super-fun indoor game.

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832. Dragon’s Big Mystery: a nap time story and relaxation for kids

Dragon hears a mysterious “Shhhhh” noise in the forest. Who could it be?

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407. The Magic of Colors — Refreshed!: a nap time story and relaxation for kids

Lydia’s dad teaches her about the magic of colors as they paint beautiful pictures together.

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829. Culinary Quest: a soothing meditation and bedtime story

Helen goes on a fun-filled adventure to the grocery store where she discovers some new vegetables.

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810. Gymnastics Galore: a bedtime story and meditation story for kids

Alice brings her cousin Allie to the gym and shows her all the different gymnastic equipment!

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809. Loon Lessons: an original short story for kids

Dragon feels like it might be time for a change and goes looking for a new place to stay. Where will Dragon find a home?

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