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Play the Ahway Island Matching Game at!

Click on the image to play the game!

You’ll discover pictures of Dragon and some of your other favorite characters! 

Or, download a different version of the Ahway Island Matching Game to your device!

Click here for the Windows version (desktop or Android device).

Click here for the MacOS version (After downloading, access the file from your Downloads folder. If your security preferences are set to only allow installation of apps from the App Store, if you wish to open the game you may need to Control-click the file and then select Open. You should then see a pop-up window asking you if you want to open the game.)

Print this Connect the Dots activity sheet to find out who is taking such deep Dragon Breaths!

What colors will Mia wear today? Print this Coloring Page to decide!

Teacher Resources

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My daughter loves [Ahway Island]. She listens every night and we practice dragon breaths at many points throughout the day. Great find on Google play music.

Jaimie G.

My 6yo listens to your podcasts every night before going to sleep. We’ve been listening to your relaxation and stories for a few months now. It’s helped him calm down and unwind, and it’s been awesome. Thank you!!

Eve-Marie J.