Handling Fears

Stories featuring characters who learn how to proactively and positively handle feelings of fear, or deal with things that feel scary.

597: Chipmunk Challenge: a relaxing story for kids

Chelsea and Abby Chipmunk gather snacks before a storm comes. Chelsea doesn’t like storms, but Abby helps her stay calm.

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581. Having A Ball: a meditation and calming bedtime story

Oceana Sea Otter gets out of her comfort zone and helps out some humans when she plays with her good friend Alonzo Sea Otter.

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222. The Tunnel Trip!: a children’s bedtime story and meditation

Billy and Emily are going for another ride on the train. This time they’re taking a tunnel trip!

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164. Gentle Giraffes: a bedtime story and guided meditation for kids

Giselle the little giraffe feels nervous its her first day with a babysitter. How will Ginny help her feel better?

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