Handling Fears

Stories featuring characters who learn how to proactively and positively handle feelings of fear, or deal with things that feel scary.

291. Rumbling Skies: a calming meditation and children’s tale

As a storm rolls by, Bliss Blanket hugs her little girl. They both feel better knowing they have each other.

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290. Morning Mail: a kids’ relaxation and calming tale

Marnie Mail Truck is afraid of dogs. But today she has something new to try to manage her fear! How will the mail delivery go today?

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654: Propeller Problems: a calming meditation and kid’s story

Hawk finds out his propeller needs replacing and feels a little worried until his friends help him work through his concerns.

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286. A Trip with Teddy: a children’s bedtime story and meditation

Takoda Teddy Bear is going for a train ride. But first he has to take the escalator to the second floor.

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