Working Together

Stories that show our characters cooperating to get things done.

819. Dirt Mountain: a calming meditation and children’s story

When faced with a massive mountain of dirt, Drevan Dump Truck learns the importance of accepting help from friends.

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817. Sunny Solution: a calming bedtime story and meditation

Kiwoo Lizard finds that his favorite basking rock has been covered by a branch! How will he move it?

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392. Colorful Crayons: a calming meditation and story

Colorful crayons rest in their container. Soon they begin to slide out onto the table. What masterpieces will the crayons help create today?

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805. The Card Castle: a meditation and story for your bedtime routine

Emily and her brother Billy build a tall tower of cards on a cold winter day.

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390. Cheerful Chat: a bedtime story and meditation story for kids

Roly the robot learns how to talk to Billy and Emily through the tablet. Now they can have a cheerful chat!

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803. Charming Chestnut: a kids’ guided relaxation and calming story

Odin the owl joins Peanut Squirrel and Babette Bunny to plant a chestnut so it can grow into a strong, tall tree.

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