Stories about understanding, accepting, and welcoming those around who are different from ourselves.

612: Hair Power!: a mindful kids’ story

Callie meets her new friend Anora and the other kids to learn about how their hair makes them all unique.

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230. The Light Parade: a relaxing story and meditation for kids

Frankie Firetruck prepares for the holiday light parade, excited to show off his lights and sirens. He wonders what the kids would like most to see.

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591: The Big Race: a calming meditation and story for kids

Brian and his friends have a great time racing around Brian’s neighborhood.

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229. A Surprising Friend: a meditation and calming story

Skyler Skunk wants to play with other animals, and everyone has to look past their differences.

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589: The New Toy: a kids’ relaxation and story

Alyssa Doll learns about similarities and differences when she meets a new toy named Neil Nutcracker.

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119. Hello!: a relaxing story and meditation for kids

Tanner toad greets a new friend with the customary “Hello!” Since the other toad doesn’t respond, Tanner tries a different approach.

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