Today’s Nap Time Story (EP22): Nap Time: a bedtime story and relaxation for kids

Oceana the otter wants to play while the other otters are napping at nap time. What happens when she wakes them up?

Today’s Meditation:

We will guide you in a progressive relaxation from your head to your toes.

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Here is an excerpt from today’s kids story:

Oceana looked around. No one had noticed. All the otters were still sleeping, but now Oceana really wanted to play. She was tired of waiting. Her collision with Alonzo gave her an idea. She smiled a mischievous grin and dove under the water. Just under the surface, the little otter swam under Alonzo and, ever so gently, pulled him towards Calisto. Before Alonzo ran into Calisto, Oceana swam away to watch. Calisto and Alonzo collided and jumped up. Startled, they looked at each other, realized there was no danger, and went back to sleep. This would not do. Oceana tried again. This time she towed both Calisto and Alonzo into the middle of the group of otters.

Does your child have a meltdown before Bedtime?  Has Nap Time become a challenge or a battle of the wills?  Sleep is a critical part for the health and well being of young children.  Sleeping only at night often will not suffice in accomplishing all the sleep a child needs.  Be Calm on Ahway Island offers original bedtime, nap time stories & meditations for kids. Gently nestled within are self-soothing techniques and positive learning moments.   Creating original bedtime stories and art is a lot of work. We are a listener-supported podcast, and we survive on your tips. If your child enjoys this self-soothing podcast, we would greatly appreciate you making a donation to help us keep going. You can make a one-time donation or a recurring micro donation once a month. Just click on the link below or go to our website,

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