Stories about accepting others and accepting oneself.

334. Clumsy Kitty: a calming meditation and story

Grubby is a clumsy kitty, but a sweet one. As he investigates everyone’s activities, Grubby makes a bit of a mess. It’s a relief to all when he settles in for a nap.

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321. Cuddly Dragon: an original short story for kids

Our cuddly dragon wakes up from a nap and brings the blanket back to thunderous applause at the end of a play.

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319. Girl Power: a children’s story and meditation

After Max teases her, Mia and her brother learn about women who have made a difference. Believing in girl power, Mia is ready to share what she learned with the world. Also released as part of Kids Listen “Women’s History Sweeps.”

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300. Magical Chair: a bedtime story on acceptance for kids

After moving to a new home, Winfield the wheelchair decides to help Brian find new friends.  Will the magical chair find them at a colorful park?

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