Feelings & Emotional Regulation

Stories with characters using emotional regulation techniques to help them work through their challenges

386. Catching Kindness: a children’s bedtime story and meditation

Holly the green airplane has a great idea! She wants to spread the feeling of love and kindness across the island. How will she do it?

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785. Generous Goldfish: a calming story and meditation for bedtime

Gilbert Goldfish finds a forever home and helps a friend along the way.

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780. Museum Trip: a soothing story and meditation for children

Andy, Owen, and Allie return to the science museum and check out the human body exhibit.

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775. A Storm and a Story: a calming nap time story with a positive message

After a frightening thunder storm, Dragon’s friends come to visit and ask for a story.

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769. Playful Performance: a meditation and kid’s tale

Clara Clarinet is about to perform in her first concert, but she has a bit of stage fright.

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639: Sadie’s Sandy Day: a calming meditation and story

Sadie Seahorse feels safe near the sand bed. A new friend shows up to keep her company.

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