Feelings & Emotional Regulation

Stories with characters using emotional regulation techniques to help them work through their challenges

827. Fearless Flight: a meditation and bedtime story

Dragon holds an evening of storytelling in the forest, and Odin Owl tells the story of how he came to Ahway Island.

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818. Cheery Checkup: a soothing meditation and bedtime story

When Emily needs to go to the dentist, her dad and her brother Billy help calm her nerves.

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814. Ahway Arcade: a meditation and soothing child’s tale

Joe and Theresa meet Lisa at the Arcade, and Theresa learns a lesson about communication.

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391. Relaxing Rain: a kids’ relaxation and calming tale

Dragon still doesn’t like loud storms, but the kids share some helpful ways to cope!

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807. The Noisy Machine: a bedtime story and meditation story for kids

Missy the dog has a fun day filled with sunshine, a cozy bath, and a noisy new tool that, at first, seems scary but turns out to be helpful with cleaning!

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639: Sadie’s Sandy Day: a calming meditation and story

Sadie Seahorse feels safe near the sand bed. A new friend shows up to keep her company.

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