New Friends

Stories in which characters make new friends.

312. Creative Cars: a relaxing bedtime story for children

Bozz and Rozz make a new friend, Mozz. The creative cars share the story of how their friends, the blocks helped them get back on their track.

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310. Octopus Adventure: a mindful children’s tale

Odette Octopus explores her corner of the sea. What will she find?

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669. First Sleepover: a soothing story and children’s meditation

Henry goes to Brian’s for his first sleepover but is a little apprehensive. Will Henry have a nice time after all?

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663 Big Delivery: a calming, original children’s story

Connor Crane works with Gabby Delivery Truck to move some big crates when they see a new construction site on the island. They come up with ideas of what could be built next on Ahway Island.

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575. Unexpected Friends: a short story for kids

Mya Mouse meets a new friend, Skylar Skunk, and learns that they aren’t that different from each other after all.

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