404. Bunny Playground: a bedtime meditation and story

404. Bunny Playground: a bedtime meditation and story

Betty Bunny’s morning routine is a little different today. What could her special Human friend Max be doing?

Final 3 Dragon Breaths: 7:53

Narrator: Male

Bunny Playground Excerpt:

Betty Bunny woke up slowly. She yawned. She lifted her head and looked out the nearby window. It was cloudy and a little windy outside. Betty Bunny thought to herself, “Maybe the sun wanted to stay in bed today.  I hope it feels OK!”

The little bunny stood up on her hind legs to see if she could see any glimpse of a sunbeam.  Suddenly, the clouds moved apart, pushed by the wind, and a little glimmer of sun flickered down and kissed Betty Bunny on the nose.

“Oh good! My sunshine was just resting!” Betty thought, smiling.

Feeling grateful for the bit of sun, Betty went back to quietly eating her hay.  The hay was delicious and she was happy to have it, but she usually ate fresh parsley for breakfast and she wondered why she hadn’t gotten any parsley yet today.  She also wondered why Max, her special Human friend, hadn’t played with her yet.  Something seemed different today.

Today’s Meditation: Feel your body fill with warmth and love as you send your loving energy to the world.

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