473. Snowy Memories: a soothing story and meditation for kids

473. Snowy Memories: a soothing story and meditation for kids

Dragon wakes up to a snowy forest. Everything is so peaceful you can hear the icicles drip. Dragon decides to go for a walk to explore.

Narrator: Female

Final 3 Dragon Breaths: 9:12

Snowy Memories Excerpt:

As the sun barely peeked over the horizon the sound of gentle snoring floated out of Dragon’s cave. Slowly, the lovely light flowed across the land. Shadows of the bare trees fell across the snowy forest floor. The floor of the cozy cave warmed as sunshine spilled into Dragon’s home and gradually rose up onto Dragon’s mossy bed. The gentle snoring of the little dragon stopped as the sunlight reached Dragon’s eyelids. Dragon blinked and squinted into the morning sun. With a smile, Dragon stretched and sat up. Dragon took a deep dragon breath, in and out, (deep breath) to get ready for a wonderful morning. As Dragon’s feet touched the warm floor, Dragon sighed happily, feeling grateful. The morning sun had already warmed the floor, even though it was a cool winter morning. Dragon stood up and walked back to the cool spring pool in the cave, wanting a refreshing drink of water. Sunshine sparkled on the rippling surface as Dragon scooped up a bit to drink.

Feeling invigorated, Dragon looked towards the entrance to the cave and blinked. Outside everything was white. Dragon blinked again. It was so bright. Dragon smiled, and took a deep dragon breath, in and out, (deep breath) enjoying the peaceful scene. Everything always seemed to be so peaceful after a snowfall. Of course the world had been tucked in under a fluffy blanket of snow. As Dragon watched, sunlight sparkled off the piles of snowflakes. Then Dragon heard a drip, drip, drip, drop. Dragon heard it again, drip, drip, drip, drop. Curious, Dragon looked up, just as a drop of water fell with a splash, on Dragon’s nose. Dragon shook the water off, feeling a little surprised. Then Dragon realized what had happened and stepped outside the cave for a better look. The snow above the entrance was melting in the warm sun. As the melted snow dripped towards the ground, the cold air caught the water drops, forming icicles. Dragon took a deep dragon breath, in and out, (deep breath). The flames tickled the little icicles warming them until they had completely changed into water once more.

Today’s Meditation: Imagine floating on a cloud, and relax into the feeling of lightness.

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